Creating the Next Generation of Workers for the Water Industry

Metropolitan, in partnership with many other water, educational, business, trade and community agencies, supports workforce development initiatives to prepare Southern California’s young people for career and college pathways into the water industry.

"We understand the need to build a career pipeline. By introducing our young people to a range of education and career possibilities --- early and often --- we are helping to provide them with the best opportunities to succeed."
-Metropolitan Board Chairwoman Gloria Gray

Our Challenge

The water industry faces a huge challenge in creating a qualified workforce for the future. Our business is dependent on a diversity of skills, experience and talent.  We need to secure a new generation of employees to keep our water systems flowing and develop and cultivate the most important asset we have – our people.

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“Shannon was set to go to college to be a veterinarian, but after being on the Solar Cup™ team, she changed her major just before going off to college to engineering at UC Davis.”
“The years he spent on the Solar Cup™ teams helped stoke his enthusiasm for engineering and prepare him for college and, especially, the workforce.”
“I’m just proud that my students get a chance to see a bigger picture of what an education is outside of the classroom.”


For grades K-12, Metropolitan offers engaging and free curriculum that teaches students at all levels transferable STEAM industry skills focused on science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

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Solar Cup

Solar Cup™ is a seven-month educational program in which high school students build and race solar-powered boats, learn about conservation of natural resources, electrical and mechanical engineering,problem solving and much more.

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Metropolitan participates in CalPoly Pomona’s cooperative STEM education program to promote careers in engineering and water quality.


Metropolitan has internship opportunities to train, educate and prepare young people. College undergraduates and graduate students gain practical work experience through a paid temporary job assignment related to their academic/educational field of study. Interns learn about the water industry while applying theories and concepts to "real-world" work.

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Apprentice & Training Programs

Metropolitan’s Apprentice Mechanical and Electrical Operations Technician Programs are structured training programs to provide entry to journey-level skills training in the technical, vocational, and trades occupations using a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction.

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"When you come to work at Metropolitan, you come for a career."
- Metropolitan General Manager
Jeffrey Kightlinger
Meet Some Apprentice Program Graduates

The State Department of Water Resources also offers a paid apprenticeship program that can lead to a fulfilling and lucrative career in the hydroelectric industry. The program combines hands-on-learning, classroom study, and home study with supervised on-the-job training.

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Partnerships for Career Technical Education

There are many careers in water, one of the most dynamic and important industries in our country.  Here are some of the other organizations that provide training and education for jobs in the water sector.

Water AllianceWINTER (Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles)

Community Colleges and Trade Schools with Existing Water Programs